Monday, 11th April, 2016 – Exercise.

Word of the Day – Mercurial.
Mercy, Ephemeral, Emergent, Murder, Mercenary, Cured, Queued, Real, Merchant.

There is a mercy to the mercurial nature of life.
The mercenary way we live queued for precious moments, hoping the next event or product will cure the monotone. Real moments seem so few and far between out here, where dreams are murdered by the cold of reality. Happiness isn’t a commodity bought or sold by a merchant, it is a philosophy – emergent from a sea of darkness, finding beauty in the bleak and abstract world we live in. Just because life is short, finite and bloody does not mean there is no beauty, no hope, no happiness to be found.
That is the mercy of life’s mercurial nature – it is erratic and therefore there is always the chance lead will turn to gold.


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