Exercise of the Day – Tuesday, 12th April, 2016.

Word of the Day – Shoe.
Show, Should, Shroud, Shudder, Shock.
Shove, Shame, Shake, Shatter.

You put your red shoes on and sit naked on the bed.
There is no shame in the show you put on – stuck between the sheets. A vengeful god does not look down at you and shudder, if they do why do we care?
Red shoes and a little mascara running down your cheeks.
There was no shove to your shake, be free in knowing that the shames all in your head. Feel good about the way you shudder, the way you show me you had a good time.
Red shoes and a little lipstick smeared across your lips.
The world doesn’t shatter the moment you show a little skin, stuck between the sheets is ecstasy – why is it a shock that we are so good – you should never be ashamed of your shoes.


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