Exercise of the Day – Friday, 15th April, 2016.

Word of the Day – Warp.
Water. Wear. Watch. Waist. Witch.
Ore. War. Waif. Corpse.

Water witch waste not this war, corpses don’t speak quite so well. Wells swell with warping waters, turbid ores rise. Forge for me a song to chase away your blues, but instead litter it with insecurity. Forge for me bars so you can imprison yourself. So waifish my water witch is, fighting over scraps and melodies even when I provide everything. The warping leaves this man muddy and wet, corpses do not have passions. Sing away your blues, dance away your pains – clutch to your waist and hold in your entrails, they will spill out eventually. Corpses don’t need pity, do they my waifish water witch?
Water wears, it grates, it washes away. So watch as the warp waters waste away, consumed by man and land – don’t waste this war Waif, corpses do not speak quite so well.


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