Flash: Literal Idioms #1.

Lets try literal idioms.

A bitter pill.
A dime a dozen.
Add insult to injury.
At the drop of a hat.
An arm and a leg.

I take my bitter pills with a glass of whiskey, it helps with the metallic after-taste that stains the mouth. They’re dime a dozen, my healthcare keeps them cheap. When I was first diagnosed that had been my biggest fear, my second was the names. Some people just like to add insults to your injuries – even if the injuries are on the inside.
I swallow a pill and unfold my newspaper – the bar is mostly empty at this hour and the television is on some sports game. I’m roused from my reading at the drop of a hat, the young woman across from me has tipped over her table trying to get up.
I jump up myself offering her an arm and a leg to pull herself to her feet. She smiles and begs my apologies, she is having trouble with her boyfriend and somehow that made her clumsy.
I offer her hat, “I’m all ears.”


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