Flash: Literal Idioms #4

I missed one yesterday “Chomp at the bit” so I added it into today.

Chomp at the bit. For a song. From scratch. From A to Z. Get bent out of shape. Grasp the nettle.

She chomps at the bit of gum still in her mouth, it is hard breaking a habit but her girlfriend hates the smell. They’re up on stage setting up their amps preparing for a song they haven’t prepared for yet.
She deals with addiction by drinking through the menu, from a to z – applejack to zivania. By the end of it, she staggers outside, grabs the nearest bush and spills her guts to it. Her hand burns from where she grasps the nettle and it’s hard to tell skin from scratch. Behind her a woman is getting bent out of shape about how her car door got bent out of shape, the poor man she’s assailing doesn’t know the privilage he’s gotta check but she happily informs him.
Shaking her head, holding her hand, she stumbles back inside in time for her girlfriend’s first set.


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