Flash: Mercury/Sloth.

Sloth is Mercury.

“Takes years to turn around, it simply drifts through space.”

Slow and steady is her pace, why would she leave Mother has plenty. Instead she drifts lazily through her space, it is too bothersome to turn more than once a year – often it takes her two just to shift her gaze. Clinging close to mother’s breast, no-one would suspect she’s well old enough to leave. Instead she delights in drifting about, doing nothing with her life, never taking the time or effort to attain anything much but hang about and not get on with her own life. Because of this, she has no aim, her siblings scoff at her meagre claims. The heat is cloying, the cold is shrill, she’s too lazy to even fall ill. Not like her siblings, who do what they will.


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