Flash: Saturn/Greed.

Greed is Saturn.

“The great accumulator of rings and moons.”

Clutching to his trove, scattered amongst it great numbers of useless debris and junk. He knows there is value in it, he just simply knows. Every spec of dirt, every piece of dust, is a fortune waiting to be made. The great accumulator of dirt and gravel even finds a few rings in time, forging more and more from particles of grime and grunge until he has a stash. But no-one else can take even a speck, or he’ll cut them through with endless wit. For he gathered it all, so his hungry sister be damned. He is the lord of all the rings, so consumed by need for petty things.


2 thoughts on “Flash: Saturn/Greed.

  1. This is a great example of why flash fiction can be so nice to come across when you’ve just got a few minutes to dink around on WordPress. Glad I stumbled across it and look forward to following…


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