Flash: Blood

This week brought to you by Random Words Picked By Friends.
I got one to pick a word, then the others to do word association. You’ll see them start to troll me (and each other) later in the week. Fun!

Blood. Red. Wine. Vine. Green.
Leaves. Autumn. Rain. Storm. Thunder.

The blood rushed to her face, she was turning bright red as the wine crept through her like feathered vines only sangria and not green. The leaves spreading out through her veins until her entire body was hot and just moving her light arms was disorienting.
“I’m sure this would be lovely in autumn when the rains first come – those brief moments before the storm where thunder seems to roll hours ahead of the lightning strike.”
She sat in the chair across from her friend, their face aged by shadows. Summer was at its peak.
“We could stay a little longer.”
It would give her more time to drink.


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