Day of the Wolves #1

The Day of the Wolves is upon us, so sayeth the Sages. The Day of the Crow must end. So while the Sun sets upon this empire, tomorrow will dawn on the new. Gather up your spears and swords, follow me forth! For I know of a land of honey and milk – a land adorned in gold and silk. It waits for us across the Sea, so come with me!
The Bite of Frost takes flesh to the bone, and while a Wolf’s pelt is welcome in the bitter cold – why bother? There are fertile farms waiting, a land of gold and glory that should be ours! Come with me! There are kingdoms for a Karl, a House for all men – across the sea there is a better life, just come with me!
Hoist the sails, stow the oars, where we head there is food for all. And warmth and comfort. And women! Across the sea, they wear gold like garments, eat boars as thick as trees – they don’t die of hunger, they choke on food. There are no wolves and there are no crows.
So come with me! We’ll set sail at dawn, we’ll take their lands and create a new Empire for the Crow – no longer beholden to the Wolf. Come with me! Be Free! Our Empire lies across the Sea!


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