Daily. 24/03.

Robot. Shipping Container. Sunrise.


It is a little known fact that nearly half of the world’s shipping containers contain robots. Or at least this is what Luke had told her. The sun was coming up, and Stef waited on her perch in a hotel roof overlooking the docklands.

The giant container ships slowly drifted into port, Stef watched as sunrise struck, the cranes and trucks swung out the leviathan boxes over into neat piles away from the waterfront. And as the last of the first ship was stowed the workers left to start on the next while managers inspected manifests along the metal boxes. She spied on them through her telescope, barely able to make out the words on the manager’s little phone-tablets.

Luke had also told her that sneaking into a shipyard was super illegal. But that didn’t stop her. The hard part was getting in over the chainlink fence. She had been casing the place for days, right near the carpark was the employees building – where she could pinch a hard hat and a safety vest. No-one would stop her if she looked official.

She remembered the numbers on the containers she had spied on. She had them on her phone. A shipping container headed to Darwin was bound to have some bots in it.

She found it, sneaking past a group of workers. It was locked, but a padlock never stopped her. It popped open after a little fiddling with a hairpin and she opened the doors.

She wasn’t prepared for what was inside. It exceeded even her expectations. It wasn’t a robot though, so it doesn’t really matter does it?


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