I’m Lee Beaumont, aspiring novelist of science-fiction, fantasy and a little bit of literary fiction. My writing deals with society, politics and philosophy across a spectrum of different mediums – I write short stories, flash fiction, novels and on occasion poetry.

Current Working On:
A fantasy novel about an admiral serving a world-spanning empire and the political struggle that arises when she campaigns against a rogue state of pirates, a barbarian invasion and a mysterious foe from the heavens.

I will post up on this blog excerpts of the drafted chapters of my novel, short stories and the daily writing exercises I do – as well as a few discourses on my style of writing every now and then as might be interesting to some.
Stick around if you’re interested, it’ll take a while to get up and going but hopefully I’ll have plenty of content for you to enjoy.

If you really like what I’m providing then consider supporting me on patreon. Patrons get the entire draft chapters ahead of everyone else.