Not my best, if such a thing exists at the intersection of “good” and “my work”. I blame random word generators.

Aware, Constraint, Defend, Pay, Particle, Village, Lift, Stir, Slice, Straighten, Climate, Bounce, Unlike, Brush, Attachment, Random, Shoulder, Link, Paper, Bald

Struggling to stay aware

The world around me acts more as a constraint

Held down by those seeking to defend

The brutality of the piper’s pay

I am but a particle

A grain of sand in this global village

But give me time, I will lift us all up

Sand can become sandstone, sand can stir into storms

I am how I am sliced

Straightened out by society

A product of this climate of fear and entitlement

Another one thrown into a world unable to bounce

Landing on my face unlike the others

Nothing but a brush and a canvas to tell my tale

Never get too in, avoid all attachment

The random number generator of life’s lottery

Will cost you a leg and an arm, then come back for the shoulder

Because until we can all chain together we’re nothing but loose links

Numbers on the paper of powerful men looking to exploit us

Selling us their bald faced lies about some dream

Houses are unaffordable, cars are too expensive, love is unattainable and lust is still unavoidable

So what am I to do but try and remain aware

I am just a piece of a puzzle no-one is solving.




To feign innocence,

Worshipping in the fane of ignorance

Appealing to the vain interest

So pro-vane how pro-fan we get

Throwing out the sane

To install the reign

Of our own particular brand of theign

Never mind that both will rain death

It’s a vein illness

We rein in the wellness

Becoming soulless constructs of vainglorious

Sentiments against the sentimentality

Of making sure we all gain

Never be a socialist, socialism died along with social awareness

Instead submit to be the instrument

That instruct destruction and insane villainness

Follow your faith, blind and devout

You’ll figure it out eventually

They don’t care about your personality

You are a body to throw into the grinder

As opium is to the addict

Religion is to the theign

There is nothing to gain

But we hit up all the same, just for that fleeting moment

Of feeling good, feeling level, feeling sane

But sanity is not predicated on mass consensus

In a world of addicts, is the sober man the crazy one

In a world full of guns, the bullet is the one to blame

So feign your ignorance

Politics is a dirty word, never bring it up

In polit-e company.


more word association this week.

Does it mean much to you
that space compresses time
so much so that light bends backwards in vacuums
visiting places before it has visited them
accumulating mass
filling points on the fabric of reality
warping matter into black holes
like the hole you left in my heart.

word dissociation


dox me, put my heart on the web
for the hungry spiders to steal
I don’t have a single digm to my name
so I’m not worried about the theft.
I’ll just revel in the fact you’re gon
forgotten, no longer part of my life…

and yet I’ll always want you mour
to indulge that vane side of myself
to give in to the lyse
to try and… but you foil my plans
by being you, by having a sol.
And as llax as my mind gets
trying to cope with these events,
you’ll always bles my mind
like I’m almost normal.


I’m chill, I’m relaxed.
The way the world moves around me should scare me
I should be sad
I wasted so much time
just trying to find myself.

Have you ever focused so hard on a painting
you lost track of the world around you
then you wake up and realise you need to start moving
start living again
you can’t stare at a painting forever
you need to start living.

I’m chill, I’m relaxed.
Ice and snow
going out
having fun with people I don’t know
not strangers
family and friends make the world brighter
it keeps your sanity in check.

Have you ever tried to be someone
you’re not
then you wake up and realise you need to change
but you can’t be living in a dream
I’d never wake up.

I’m like ice,
only stable in the right conditions.